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Who We Are

Our Approach:

At Orlando Chiropractic Neurology Center your goals are our goals. We pride ourselves as evidence-based physicians. We are highly immersed in the latest clinical research and apply it daily in practice. We aim to be the premier human performance center in Central Florida–focusing on health enhancement, fitness, and performance. We treat our patients utilizing dedicated one-on-one treatment sessions through a holistic and innovative treatment model..

We combine functional medicine and nutrition, functional neurology, manual therapy, exercise medicine, strength & conditioning, and chiropractic to treat everyone who steps through our doors. This combined multi-modal approach, utilizing many treatment modalities and self-care strategies assist in improving and maintaining the progress we've achieved together in your treatment program. Whatever your goals may be, we strive to optimize your performance and improve any of your symptoms as quickly as possible.

By modifying or adding social, physical, and somatosensory (bodily receptors) stimulation, combined with proper fuel sources, we promote resilience for your body, mind, and spirit. We aim to restore your health and physical performance, and improve any neuromusculoskeletal imbalances. 

Sports Injury - Manuel Soto, DC, DIBCN, CSNS

Our Treatment Philosophy:

Senior Therapy - Manuel Soto, DC, DIBCN, CSNS

Human health depends on the intricate interactions with our bodies and our environment – we are made to move. Throughout our lives, often, we suffer injuries. We live with excess inflammation and are surrounded by environmental toxins. Many of us do not get proper physical activity and live sedentary lifestyles. All these compounding factors negatively affect our health and can lead to increased pain & inflammation, bodily dysfunction, loss of physical performance, or increased risk of injury.  When we receive the proper stimuli, we can then break through this vicious cycle.

Our team works closely with multiple medical providers, assuring that you receive the highest standard of care. While our focus is primarily holistic in nature, we recognize we may not always be the best provider for you. If needed, we will happily refer you to a specialist who could better treat you.

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